Presentation on Land Dispossession and Sexual Violence

Presentation on Land Dispossession and Sexual Violence

On October 23, 2018, Jasmin Hristov gave a presentation entitled “Land-owners, Owners of Women: Land, Sexuality and the Logic of Dispossession” as part of the Feminist Research Speaker Series, Gender and Women’s Studies Program, UBC Okanagan.

The presentation offered a new perspective on sexual violence in Latin America that captures the dialectic between the dispossession of people from their land and the dispossession of women from their sexuality. The goal was to expose the conditions that lead to the violent and sometimes murderous consumption of women – a process that begins with the destruction of childhood and the conversion of children into instruments for violence and sex. The analysis considered the coercive sexual regimes and pervasive ideologies that arise out of the intersection of militaristic masculinity, globalized consumerism, and landlessness. This talk was based on the forthcoming publication:

Hristov, J. (2019). Armed Actors, the Commodification of Women and the Destruction of Childhood: Understanding the Connections between Predatory Sexuality and the Violence of Capital in Colombia. In Cohn, S. and Blumberg, R. (Eds.), Gender and Development: Economic Basis of Women’s Power. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

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